Style Hour

Style Hour is the artistic brainchild of Shaelee Hansen and Avery Schlereth. Partners in crime shortly after inception, these cousins have been mischievously muddling their way through life, attached at the hip, searching for their next adventure. At 18 they packed up their designer clothes, shoved them in to their cars and set off on a sojourn to the City of Angels. Bright lights, big city, the perfect cauldron where they are able to explore their infatuation in tasty treats and eclectic garments. Style Hour is here to share with its followers a poles apart take on the two questions that society has never been able to put their collective finger on “Where are we eating, and what are you wearing?

Join them on their journey in search of good eats, stiff drinks, and sequins.


Shaelee + Avery

Shaelee and Avery | Our Story



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