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mardi June 5, 2017

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A/Brandy Melville t-shirt/Anthropologie pants/Gucci shoes

S/Zara t-shirt/Zara skort/Free People shoes


Mardi/West Hollywood

Any restaurant that makes you feel like you’re in Europe is an A+ restaurant in our book. Mardi brought us back to the days we spent in Europe, eating delicious food and drinking tasty drinks. It’s cute decor and welcoming atmosphere makes you want to stay there for hours on end. If you’re in LA its a must try!

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memorial day margs May 31, 2017

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A/Free People sweater/Veronica Beard pants/Manolo Blahnik heels

S/Forever21 t-shirt/Topshop pants/Jimmy Choo heels


Toca Madera/Los Angeles/5:00-7:00pm

Once again we went for tacos and margaritas for happy hour… Go figure. We just cant help ourselves when it comes Mexican food, especially when the menu offers healthy/vegan options. Toca Madera is this amazing spot in LA with cute small bites and a beautiful ambiance, perfect for the two of us to get out and have a Memorial Day margarita.

When we go for a more sophisticated look, our favorite thing to do is to wear a tailored pant with a casual top. What we like to do to add our own flair to a suit pant is to pair it with something unexpected like a t-shirt or sweater. It always ends up being an interesting combo!

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pasta, pasta, pasta May 10, 2017

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Pasta Sisters/Mid City/M-F 11:30-7:30, Sat-11:30-3:30

Were dedicating this entire post to pasta because well why not? Pasta Sisters is in a part of town that we’ve never really explored before but we heard about their fresh pasta and homemade sauce so we had to make the jaunt. The only mistake you’ll make by going there is if you forget to bring home some of the homemade sauce that you can buy…like we did.

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#stylehourtravels May 8, 2017




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Effin Festival April 3, 2017

IMG_2527 IMG_2521 IMG_2557 (1) P1190678 IMG_3731 IMG_3740 P1190677 P1190671 P1190688 P1190684 IMG_3754 IMG_3769


S/Zepplin lace up tee from Effin Shop/Free People shorts/Levi jean shirt/Rag & Bone boots/Ice Cream Cap from Effin Shop/El Flower Choker from Effin Shop/Converse/Free People socks/Effin Shop shorts

A/Vintage Frames glasses/Lizzie Lace Up bodysuit Effin Shop/One Teaspoon denim skirt/Rag & Bone boots/Palms Denim Cap from Effin Shop/Denim Choker from Effin Shop/Zara T-shirt/Current Elliott shorts/Vans


SO were sooo excited to tell you about our latest collaboration with our Effin Shop friends! We wanted to share with you some their perfect pieces that they have in their festival shop. We’ve been to our fair share of festivals and Coachella the past 4 years so to say we love festival season is an understatement! Each year our style has changed from wearing everything bright to simple cool girl. As the years have gone on we have opted for more simple easy to wear pieces and that’s where Effin came to save the day. Effin has the most perfect denim shorts that are amazingly soft and they go with everything. Were really digging lace up anything right now. And to top off your festival look they have the cutest accessories. A choker to add some spunk to your outfit and a backpack to store all of your festival essentials! I hope you enjoy Effin Shop as much as we do! xo

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Gracias Madre February 26, 2017

IMG_1978 IMG_1974 IMG_1956 IMG_1965 IMG_1967 IMG_1980 IMG_1983 IMG_1985 IMG_1987 IMG_1990 IMG_1994 IMG_2009 IMG_2011 IMG_2012 IMG_2021 IMG_2025 IMG_2029 IMG_2037


A/Topshop t-shirt/Topshop bomber jacket/Frame jeans/Topshop boots/Cynthia Rowley backpack

S/Vintage tee/Urban Outfitters coat/Levi Wedgie fit jeans/Rag and Bone Margot boots/Stella McCartney purse


Gracias Madre/West Hollywood/M-F 3:00-6:00pm/$6 happy hour

All organic? All vegan? All $6? Yes please! Gracias Madre is right in the heart of West Hollywood and one of the best happy hours we have ever been to. Don’t let the vegan part scare you.. One of the tacos are made with jackfruit and you can’t even tell it isn’t made with meat. Not only is the food to die for but their margarita made with agave, tequila, lime, orange bitters, and flor de sol is the most delicious margarita we’ve ever had, and we’ve had our fair share of margs.

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hollywood kids February 20, 2017

IMG_1145 IMG_1160 IMG_1130 IMG_1140 IMG_1189 IMG_1214 IMG_1233 IMG_1281


A/Free People beanie/Zara sweater/Zara denim coat/Elizabeth And James leather pants/Topshop boots

S/Free People mesh top/Trouve leopard coat/Free People belt/Frame jeans/Zara boots


We were feeling frisky in Hollywood. The End.

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beauty counter January 23, 2017


Nourishing Cream Exfoliator 

Now this is also a game changer for all this scrubs. We only use it a couple times a week because it just does it’s job! It’s the perfect amount of grit where it doesn’t feel like your skin is going to fall off and it won’t make your face red like other harsh products! It’s the best and again one of our favorite products. We use this after the cleansing balm.


Nourishing Day Cream

Beautycounter’s Nourishing Day Cream is the perfect way to start your day with your skin feeling right. We like to wash our face then apply an even layer all over our clean skin. The best part about the Day Cream is how hydrating it is without leaving your face looking greasy.


Lip Condition in Peppermint

Beautycounter’s Lip Balm is one of our favorites. It goes on smooth like a gloss but is hydrating like a thick lip balm. Not only is it super shiny but we have the peppermint flavor which makes your breath smell good. Bonus!


Cleansing Balm

Basically this is our new favorite product. You will most definitely hear us say this again about all the other products, but it’s true! It’s this wonderful balm that you take an almond size of with your mini spatula that comes with it and rub it all over your face at night to take your makeup off. It strips away the makeup without stripping all your natural oils. Then once you rub it all in you take the cloth that comes with it and wet it in warm water and gently wipe it off. It’s glorious! This is step 1 for our nighttime routine and has taken the place of makeup wipes. It feels so nice to use all natural ingredients to take your makeup off.


Soothing Face Oil

Beautycounter’s Soothing Face Oil is an organic face oil that replenishes and hydrates your entire face without having to use lotions or scary ingredients. Put it on before bed and sleep knowing you put something beneficial on your skin. Come morning time you will see a very smooth refreshed face!


Body Oil in Citrus Rosemary

This body oil is not your average drug store buy. First of all the smell itself will make you want to bathe in it. I wish you could smell it through the screen just so you understand our obsession. But that’s with all of the Beautycounter products, they smell so delicious and fresh! Plus you can actually read and know exactly what you’re putting on your body. We use it after we get out of the shower or if we are going to a dry place we use it like lotion.

We decided to dedicate a full post to Beautycounter because well it deserves it and more! It’s this beautiful brand that is all natural and each product has the ingredients on it and guess what you will know the ingredients and know how to pronounce them! From the first time we used Beautycounter we decided that was the only brand we would use. Without inundating you with too much info they have banned over 1,500 ingredients that are detrimental to your health. With just that fact alone was enough for us to partner with them. We already live a very healthy lifestyle and this was the last piece to the puzzle. We have one body so you should treat it like your temple! Enjoy!

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LA babies January 15, 2017

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A/Alexander Wang bodysuit/Current Elliott jeans/Topshop boots

S/Free People top/Frame jeans/Stella McCartney shoes


Aroma Coffee and Tea

The Grove

Alfred Tea Room



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Happy New Year! January 3, 2017

AS-mohawk-bend wine-mohawk-bend-2 AS-mohawk-bend3 ASmohawkbend ASmohawkbend1 Wine-mohawk-bend Bag-mohawk-bend AS-mohawk-bend2



A/Topshop bodysuit/Free People silk pants/Rag & Bone booties/Opening Ceremony hat/ Cynthia Rowley backpack

S/Free People set/Jeffrey Campbell over the knee boots/Cynthia Rowley crossbody


Mohawk Bend/Echo Park/M-F 3:00-7:00pm/$10 pizzas, $2 off all wine & $5 well drinks

Happy New Year! It’s been awhile since our last post but we are back on the train. We kicked off the day before New Years Eve in Echo Park at Mohawk Bend just because we love the ambience! It’s warm and inviting with cheap drinks and vegan fare, it also used to be an old movie theatre.

The weather has been ideal for us because we love the change of seasons and being able to wear some sort of winter clothes. We both opted for turtlenecks, one, because it would be too warm to wear a huge jacket and two, turtlenecks are back in style!


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