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wantable May 7, 2018

IMG_0046 IMG_0103 IMG_0104 IMG_0145 IMG_0176 IMG_0172 IMG_0156 IMG_0154 IMG_0151 IMG_0130 IMG_0119

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wantable April 2, 2018

IMG_7254  IMG_7270 IMG_7283 IMG_7299 IMG_7305  IMG_7331

wantable x style hour

In this months wantable box:

A/Free People hoodie/Free People joggers

S/Free People hoodie/Glyder sports bra

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wantable February 27, 2018

IMG_4146 IMG_4180 IMG_4270 IMG_4264 IMG_4243 IMG_4303 IMG_4309

The best part of our month you ask? Receiving our Wantable subscription box! Since we are signed up for the fitness box, we get sent about 7 pieces per box and pick our favorite items. It is always so hard for us to not to keep everything in the box, but if we did our closets would explode. Being that we are workout fanatics getting a brand new workout outfit every month from Wantable is an actual dream come true! The products we receive always fit our style and are such great quality, not to mention the easiest thing to do. You get your box, pick your items, and ship back whatever you don’t want in a bag and shipping label that they already have done for you! We love you Wantable!

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melody January 14, 2018

IMG_1131 IMG_1162 IMG_1172 IMG_1171 IMG_1168 IMG_1165 IMG_1160


A/Rag & Bone sweater/Free People pants/Rag & Bone booties

S/Aritzia cropped hoodie/Zara pants



Our first happy hour of 2018 did not disappoint! Melody is a French restaurant in Silverlake with an amazing vibe that had us very entertained for hours. Great small bites with their own interesting twist had our palettes please. Not only was the food and wine outstanding but the staff was SO kind. We only went for “Wine Down” which is their happy hour, but we are definitely looking forward to going back for dinner!

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wantable II January 8, 2018

IMG_0214 IMG_0219 IMG_0224 IMG_0231 IMG_0296 IMG_0305 IMG_0281 IMG_0249


Happy 2018 everyone! We are very excited to start the year with our favorite partnership with Wantable! Were both wearing items we picked from our monthly subscription box that comes straight to our door. If you aren’t familiar with Wantable its a monthly subscription box where you can pick from categories like fitness, style, and mens style. They send you a box based on loves and likes and you keep whatever you like and send back what doesn’t work. Its an amazingly simple way to get fresh new workout gear! We highly suggest checking it out!

With the start of every year we like to take off indulging in alcohol. It’s something we look forward to so we can start off the year healthy and ready to take it on. That means this month is packed full with workouts and healthy eating. Check back this month as we share what healthy restaurants we love going to in Los Angeles. xx

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when ketchup met mustard December 11, 2017

IMG_8777 IMG_8812 IMG_8815 IMG_8844 IMG_8867


A/Vintage leather jacket/Ivy Park tee/Rag & Bone jeans/Zara boots

S/Zara jacket/Vintage tee/Topshop denim skirt(similar here)/Jeffrey Campbell boots



We’ve been obsessively wearing these jackets this fall and we finally decided to do a post about them. They have been perfect for this unpredictable LA weather. As you can see from the above photos we had a real problem keeping a straight face!


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DG Family November 6, 2017

HPH_6075 HPH_6079-3 HPH_6178-2 HPH_6271-2 HPH_6273-2 HPH_6275-2 HPH_6281-2

A & S/Dolce & Gabbana dresses


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rosaline August 28, 2017

IMG_2166 IMG_2191IMG_2179 IMG_2183 IMG_2181 IMG_2196 IMG_2565 IMG_2197 IMG_2199 IMG_2201 IMG_2205IMG_2564 IMG_2210IMG_2563


A/Are You Am I top/Levi jean shorts/Jeffrey Campbell boots

S/Elizabeth and James top/Topshop skirt/Steve Madden heels


Rosaline/West Hollywood

After hearing about Rosaline for months we finally decided to go, and it was the most amazing experience. The ambience was so quaint and inviting we could have sat in there for hours. The food had the most incredible flavors that complimented each other perfectly. Not to mention the drink tasted like a popsicle 😉 It is a must try!

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collab with Studio 2857 August 24, 2017

IMG_1817 IMG_1808 IMG_1862 IMG_1871 IMG_1893 IMG_1972 IMG_1979 IMG_1857 IMG_1836 IMG_1957 IMG_1961 IMG_1915 IMG_1925 IMG_1899 IMG_1909 IMG_2001 IMG_2007


My Aunt Jewell owns a cute little clothing store in Virginia and asked me to be a brand ambassador for her store and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Not only does she have a store but she also has an online store, that you should definitely check out. Here are some of her fall looks she’s going to have. So excited for this opportunity! xx Avery

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when you look bad at dinner and only photograph the food August 20, 2017

IMG_1545 IMG_1547 IMG_1549 IMG_1563 IMG_1553 IMG_1555 IMG_2069 IMG_2070 IMG_2068 IMG_1567 IMG_2067


Gratitude/Beverly Hills/3:00-6:00pm

Gratitude in Beverly Hills is one of our favorite places. All vegan, all organic, all DELICIOUS. The food is so good that it was the only thing we wanted to photograph…It had nothing to do with us disliking our outfit choices…Haha! Gratitude is a must try! Here are some of the items that we tried this time:

Brave / Anti-Viral Immune Health

Gutsy / GT’s Seasonal Kombucha

Bright / Spicy Sautéed Broccolini

Eclectic / Buffalo Cauliflower

Dazzling / Kale Caesar

Fabulous / Raw Mexican Lasagna

Lovely / Baked Fruit Cobbler

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