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melody January 14, 2018

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rosaline August 28, 2017

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Rosaline/West Hollywood

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when you look bad at dinner and only photograph the food August 20, 2017

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Gratitude/Beverly Hills/3:00-6:00pm

Gratitude in Beverly Hills is one of our favorite places. All vegan, all organic, all DELICIOUS. The food is so good that it was the only thing we wanted to photograph…It had nothing to do with us disliking our outfit choices…Haha! Gratitude is a must try! Here are some of the items that we tried this time:

Brave / Anti-Viral Immune Health

Gutsy / GT’s Seasonal Kombucha

Bright / Spicy Sautéed Broccolini

Eclectic / Buffalo Cauliflower

Dazzling / Kale Caesar

Fabulous / Raw Mexican Lasagna

Lovely / Baked Fruit Cobbler

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topanga canyon adventure July 23, 2017

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Topanga Living Cafe

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mardi June 6, 2017

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Mardi/West Hollywood

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memorial day margs May 31, 2017

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Toca Madera/Los Angeles/5:00-7:00pm

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pasta, pasta, pasta May 10, 2017

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Pasta Sisters/Mid City/M-F 11:30-7:30, Sat-11:30-3:30

Were dedicating this entire post to pasta because well why not? Pasta Sisters is in a part of town that we’ve never really explored before but we heard about their fresh pasta and homemade sauce so we had to make the jaunt. The only mistake you’ll make by going there is if you forget to bring home some of the homemade sauce that you can buy…like we did.

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Gracias Madre February 26, 2017

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Gracias Madre/West Hollywood/M-F 3:00-6:00pm/$6 happy hour

All organic? All vegan? All $6? Yes please! Gracias Madre is right in the heart of West Hollywood and one of the best happy hours we have ever been to. Don’t let the vegan part scare you.. One of the tacos are made with jackfruit and you can’t even tell it isn’t made with meat. Not only is the food to die for but their margarita made with agave, tequila, lime, orange bitters, and flor de sol is the most delicious margarita we’ve ever had, and we’ve had our fair share of margs.

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Happy New Year! January 3, 2017

wine-mohawk-bend-2 Wine-mohawk-bend Bag-mohawk-bend AS-mohawk-bend


Mohawk Bend/Echo Park/M-F 3:00-7:00pm/$10 pizzas, $2 off all wine & $5 well drinks

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Willie jane September 26, 2016

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Happy Hour Tues-Sat 4pm-6pm

We finally made the trek to Venice. Phew! Willie Jane is a southern restaurant with bites on the menu that will actually fill you up. Next time we go we are going to get there earlier so we can get the outdoor balcony seats. Our friend was having a pop up in Venice for her amazing jewelry line called HOWL (Handle Only With Love) that was serving tequila filled coconuts… Only in venice…

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